It's been amazing to shoot in places all over the world but deep down, my love will always be for Vancouver.  Vancouverites already know, we get rain here..a lot of rain.  Vancouver summers are often mild and warm, with beautiful blue skies and the Pacific ocean wind to cool things down.  When it came to Laura and Bobby's outdoor summer wedding, mother nature decided to rain on a day where we had week long stretches of dry weather beforehand.  Who knew it would actually be a blessing in disguise?  Most photographers will tell you, we love cloudy weather.  The clouds act as a large diffusion panel, blocking the hard light from the direct sunlight, giving our subjects perfect and even lighting.  The rain stopped just as the ceremony began and the clouds kept the lighting even and the temperature cool.  After the beautiful Stanley Park ceremony, we made our way to the Stanley Park Tea House, where guests mingled before a wonderful dinner was served.  Energetic speeches entertained the guests as they enjoyed their dessert before the night ended with dancing and more laughter.

Hotel: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Venue: Stanley Park Tea House